The course is created specially for women who want to express themselves through dancing, enhance their femininity and confidence and learn how to move elegantly.

These classes will focus on two dances – bachata and salsa. You will learn the fundamentals of these dances, you will get an understanding about correct posture, musicality, arm styling, spins etc.

Most importantly, you will have a nice time with other members of the class.

Bachata and Salsa are two very popular dances, that is why they are called social dances, because you not only learn steps and technique, but you also communicate and socialize in the classes.

The differences between these dances are very big. Bachata is a sensual dance where you focus more on body movements and arm styling, it is much slower and more smooth than salsa.
Salsa in Spanish means sauce, a very hot sauce, that is why dance salsa is fast and has a lot of footwork.
Salsa has different styles, in these classes you will be introduced to LA salsa, because it fits the best for women.

Ladies Styling classes do not require you to have a dance partner, but you will learn steps which you will be able to use as well when you dance in a couple, it will help to become a better follower. These classes are totally adjusted for beginners and people who have never danced before. You don’t need to be afraid that something won’t work for you, because at first, we will learn the main fundamentals of bachata and salsa and then slowly we will move to the choreography.

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